From October 29 – November 7, 2019 — rain or shine, CBD Summit events and sessions will be offered all around campus that further balance, tranquility and creative excellence. Faculty, staff, students and members of the greater Stanford community are given opportunities to connect with their deepest humanity as a way to their highest possibility.

Participants pause from their high level of productivity and innovation to experience multi-faceted, transformational learning that cultivates individual and community well-being, and supports sustainable whole-hearted, ethical, purposeful engagement in service, teaching and/or research benefitting the region, the nation and the world.

All events are free but registration is required:
View the complete schedule and register for individual events.

Events this year include talks by:

  •   Dan Siegel, MD (founder of Mindsight) on “The Science and Practice of Presence”
  •   Jack Kornfield talks with Congressman Tim Ryan about his book A Mindful Nation
  •   Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier, talks with Dean T.L. Steinwert about “Meditation for Skeptics”
  •   Vice Provost Prof. Harry Elam talks with Parker Palmer and Tom Schnaubelt about “Contemplative Practices, Social Action and Service”

The ten-day CBD Summit will also include daily guided meditations, book discussions, contemplative walks, mindful yoga, the annual Contemplative Concert in Bing, and so much more.

Carillon Concert: On Friday, November 1, the Hoover carillon bells will be ringing to signal the university’s commitment to emotional well-being. Learn more.