The Moth by The Moth

Celeste U., second-year undergraduate, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado


Overall rating: 5 out of 5 starsStanding in the darkroom, breathing in the chemical smells of developer, stop, and fix, I listened intently to the story being projected though my earbuds. Tig Notaro, a well-known female comic, wove a funny, complicated, and touching tale about the relationship she has with her stepfather. She spoke about the way things shifted when her mother unexpectedly passed away. I became so absorbed in the story that I started to lose track of time and space.

This is what I love most about The Moth podcast—its ability to transport the listener through stories that are often heartfelt, amusing, emotional, and unexpected. Each week, a new hour is released with a number of different voices speaking to the human experience, all of which are live recordings from Moth story slams across the country.

The Moth is the perfect podcast for the listener, the lover, the storyteller, the parent, the child, the student…you get the idea. In my opinion, there’s something for everyone in this podcast, because, well, we all have a story. 

Episodes listened to:

Becoming an artist
Battle of the slams
R2 where are you