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Mya O., third-year undergraduate student, SUNY Empire State College, New York


Overall rating: 4 out of 5 starsEver look at your bank account and wonder where your money went? PocketGuard will help you finally understand by keeping track of your transactions and categorizing them (e.g., books, clothing). PocketGuard has helped me budget my money better.

The best part of PocketGuard is that it automatically creates a simple budget from your spending and earnings history. The app can even remind you about an upcoming bill or bank fee by giving users the option for alerts and reminders.

PocketGuard also features a “lower your bills” option that displays an overview of various services to help you lower them. Don’t worry—their security is top-notch, and if you run into any problems, their customer service can get on the issue fast.

I recommended this app to my mother, and she said she mostly enjoys the app but does notice it force-closes a lot on her Android. I have experienced this bug on my iPhone also, but resetting the app appears to fix the problem. Overall, I’ll keep using this app to keep my finances in the clear!

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